Desired Move at Kent (BR6)

Best Removals at Kent with MOVIX


Our team of movers has made another unique VIP move. The application was received the day before the move, the next day we had to urgently prepare the team for the move in a few hours.

This time the client had 3 conditions:

  • The property was to be moved at between certain hours.
  • The presence of mandatory workwear (shoe covers and gloves).
  • Delicate and neat packing of things, especially from children’s rooms.

This relocation was carried out this summer at Kent, UK.

Three professionals, observing cleanliness, fulfilled all the requirements of the customer, minimizing his participation.

The client was satisfied!

Need help with all the above?

Our team professionals can help arrange you a move within a day. Find out more by contacting us today!

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