How to transport indoor flowers and plants without problems.

How to move your plants and flowers to a new home

How to transport plants and flowers so that they do not break or die? That is the main question for plant owners during the move. Fragile specimens require special conditions of transportation, as not every car is suitable. You need to purchase packaging material in advance, as well as the unbreakable containers for plants transplantation. The whole process of preparation will take a long time, and this is not a guarantee that everything will arrive at a new place in one piece.


  1. Preparation for moving
  2. Packaging plants
  3. Safe transportation of indoor flowers and plants
  4. Actions after transportation

1. Preparation for moving

It is necessary to prepare for the move 5-10 days before departure. If you can have the opportunity and time, the flowers are better to transplant from ceramic pots into plastic containers. During transportation it is less risk that fragile vases will be damaged. It is necessary to make it at least 5-10 days before departure, so that the plants have enough time to adapt.


  • 3-5 days in advance – stop watering flowers, the soil should be dry so that the root system does not die due to temperature changes.
  • 5 days in advance – prepare cardboard boxes. It is important to make sure that when transporting plants in pots, they will not touch each other. You can build partitions from foam sheets or foam rubber.
  • 1-2 days in advance – to cover the plants from the bright sun, so that in a dark box, they did not receive additional stress.

On the day of departure you need to cut circles from thick paper (cardboard) on the diameter of each pot. Then place it on top of the soil, fix with tape, to prevent the soil rash on the way.

3. Packaging plants

Transportation of plants without a special container can be compared with a risky experiment. Live flowers will not handle complex conditions. It is better to purchase boxes, special drawers with compartments, insulating materials, tape, film in advance.

How to transport flowers with packaging:

  • Spiny plants – in order to not be injured during the loading, small fragments of foam are attached with the tape around the plants. The result – spines will not be broken, scratches are excluded.
  • Large plants – branchy plants with high blooms or stems place with pots in large polyethylene bags. Gently tie from above, you can additionally wind the container with a rope so that the branches do not break up.
  • If small plants should be transported for long distances – in one box put several pots with the insulation organised between them. Suitable is cardboard, crumpled paper or foam rubber.

If there is no possibility to deliver the plant because of a large size pot, it is necessary to release the roots from the soil and what it in a slightly wet moss. The flower will not die on the way. Stems should be tied with paper or pull the polyethylene package.

Safe transportation of indoor flowers and plants

During transportation there is a high risk of breakdown or death of the root system due to unsuitable conditions in the form of a strong shaking. Therefore, plant transportation is trusted more often by transport company.

Logistic complies with the main condition – chooses a car where you can maintain a suitable climate. These are special vans that are well ventilated, warm in winter, have air conditioning. The track is necessarily equipped with a fastening system in the form of belts, crates, special pallets and racks.

When moving apartments in one truck, the rules are followed:

  • If you have many things to move – the flowers are loaded last to unload them first.
  • Placement in the track – you cannot put pots even in boxes next to heavy objects that may fall, destroy the plants.
  • Reliable fixation – before leaving you need to check whether the boxes will remain stationary on the way.
  • If only plants are transported – it is recommended to fix them closer to the driver’s cabin.

4. Actions after transportation

To minimize the consequences of stress after traveling, there are a few rules:

  • After unloading, it is not worth to leave the boxes with plants on the street for a long time, as an additional temperature difference will occur that is fatal to the root system.
  • In the summer – you need to immediately unpack the plants in the new apartment. Remove ropes, cardboard, wrap.
  • Watering – water should be warm, it will help the plant to adapt faster.
  • Care – remove broken branches, leaves and tie down stalks. It is not recommended to fertilize plants immediately after moving.

Office, house or apartment plants sure may decorate any room. So that they please you after moving to a new place, do not experiment, do not try to deliver them on your own in the passenger cars. It is easier to order that option from a removal company, which guarantees the safety of the flowers and plants.

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