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Greenwich is located in a place where many London attractions are gathered. It is a historic district of London, located on the right bank of the Thames, just a 15-minute drive from the center of the capital.

The name of the area comes from the Anglo-Saxon “green village”. In the summer months, a large amount of vegetation pleasantly pleases the eyes of tourists and locals.

The district has a very rich history. It is no coincidence that Greenwich in London is officially included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Today Greenwich is one of the most respectable districts of the capital. Every year more and more people who want to buy property in London are interested in it. And you don’t have to be the master of the universe to buy a house here.

There are houses for every taste in Greenwich: different in style, age and price. If you are planning to buy a house in London, you can choose cottages with terraces, delightful classic two– and three-storey Victorian houses or modern apartments.


Quick Tip

In many countries every year people throw away old things. It is better to go to a new home with new hopes. It makes no sense to take everything especially that is old and useless to a new place. You can distribute to the needy or just throw away old furniture, clothes and other unnecessary things. You can also place an ad in advance in the “Gift” or “Sell” section.

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It’s time for your move?

So, you have found your dream home. The place seems to you to have all what you need: a beautiful new building with a large garden, friendly neighbors, amazing parks and excellent schools. Your headache related to the sale of your current home is finally over.


Organisation of home relocation

We will help you prepare for the move:

  • Estimate the cost of moving,
  • Answer to all your questions;
  • Careful packing of things;
  • Disassembly of furniture;
  • Loading and unloading;
  • Assembly and arrangement of furniture, connection of household appliances, unpacking of personal belongings and their arrangement;
  • Removal of used packaging material;

After all that you can invite your guests to a housewarming party — the move is over!

Need help with all the above?

Our team professionals can help arrange you a move within a day. Find out more by contacting us today!

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