Packing Services

Packing of goods for moving is a kind of service provided by us! By selecting the appropriate packaging material, we take into account the characteristics of the cargo and the method of its transportation. We make sure how far you have to go and weather conditions, since many items require a certain temperature and humidity level.

Packing materials

Many people believe that packing is a service that can be neglected. They are sure that it will be enough to put things in boxes. However, the road is always a danger, because a sharp turn or sudden braking can turn into scratched furniture or a broken mirror. Before ordering the service, explain what kind of packaging is required for moving, we will send the car with the necessary packaging.

Film, paper, cardboard

Shrink wrap for cargo packaging is a unique material that can provide reliable protection even in case of a strong impact. We guarantee that your belongings will remain safe and sound – not a single scratch or damage. Packaging of fragile goods for the transportation of equipment, household appliances, dishes or small accessories can be made in cardboard or paper.

Packaging of appliances and furniture

The packaging of equipment and furniture made by Movix professionals is a guarantee that your goods will be the same as it was before our arrival, that is, there will be no scuffs, chips and other damages on it. Movable components (doors, etc.) are securely fixed with adhesive tape. The cases of furniture or appliances are wrapped with specialised film, which has excellent protective and softening qualities.

Packaging of dishes

Trusting us with this work, you can not worry that a dinner service or expensive porcelain will become unusable after moving. Each element of the dishes is carefully wrapped in a specialised protective film. All the wrapped dishes are neatly stacked in boxes, while paper fills all the empty space.


How to order or get a quote?

Call by phone and provide the necessary data: the overall dimensions of the equipment, its weight, the width of doorways, corridors and stairs. No time to explain? Then place an order via the online form.