Home and Office Removals at City of London (E1)

City of London Removals


Everyone knows that London is the capital and largest city of Great Britain. But not everyone knows that from an administrative point of view, London as such does not exist. And there is Greater London – Greater London, an administrative unit, also known as the metropolitan county. Greater London includes the County of London or Inner London and parts of neighboring counties.

Greater London is divided into 32 boroughs, known as London boroughs. These include Westminster, Kensington, Harrow and others. The City of London is also an administrative part of Greater London, but it does not have the status of a borough. The city is a unique administrative unit, a ceremonial county with the status of Sui generis, which translates from Latin as “without precedent, one of a kind.”

Unlike other districts of the city, the City has a large set of rights, greater independence and a whole list of historical privileges. In fact, it is a city within a city with its own government and its own mayor.


Do you want new impressions? Then the City would be the right chose to move in. Just go up to the roof of the One New Change Shopping Centre and admire the beauty of the city. Here you can see one of the largest Ferris wheels, the London Eye, and the 111-meter historical building, St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Tourists in London usually do not miss London Bridge, Tower of London or St. Paul’s Cathedral. Be sure to visit the monument in memory of the Great Fire of London, the Guildhall, Smithfield Market and St. Mary-le-Bow Church.

Quick Tip

In many countries every year people throw away old things. It is better to go to a new home with new hopes. It makes no sense to take everything especially that is old and useless to a new place. You can distribute to the needy or just throw away old furniture, clothes and other unnecessary things. You can also place an ad in advance in the “Gift” or “Sell” section.

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What we offer with our removals services


Do thoughts about packing, transporting, unloading, unpacking and arranging all the acquired property strike terror into you? Is the amount of time and effort required to move keeping you from seeing your dream home?

Leave all these worries behind and take advantage of the full range of relocation services.

What do you get with a full package of services? Short answer: time and peace of mind. Long answer… in general, it’s much more than just transport. Movix with full removal service offer a whole range of services designed to protect your belongings and make move easier, smoother and more relaxed.

Sounds good so far? Wait, you haven’t seen all the benefits yet:

  • Provision of packing materials
  • Complex packaging
  • Disassembly of furniture
  • Specialised packaging (in addition to the boxes, you may have valuables that need additional protection during the move)
  • Unloading and unpacking
  • Option with partial packaging
  • …and more!

Need help with all the above?

Our team professionals can help arrange you a move within a day. Find out more by contacting us today!

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