Office Removals

The main danger of any office removals is that it can be delayed, and every extra hour entails a failure of deadlines, non-fulfillment of obligations, loss of customer trust and a decrease in profits. Together with Movix, a high-quality professional office relocation will take place quickly, in an organised manner and at favorable prices. Your organisation will not slow down the working pace.

Favorable conditions

If you want the transportation to cost you cheap, then it is possible to pay a fixed price for the move. The price includes car rental, transportation of any number of goods and the service of two movers.

Prepare in advance

In order for the office move to go smoothly, you can make some preparations in advance. If you decide to handle the packing of things yourself, then carefully pack the documents into boxes, wrap the boxes with tape; pack the office equipment tightly and protect it from damage with a film.

To the new office – in full

There are a lot of fragile things in the office: appliances, furniture, sometimes even aquariums. In order for things to arrive in a new place in one piece, entrust the packaging of the cargo to professionals. We know how to handle all office equipment and strictly follow the rules of transportation.

How to order office removals

Call by phone and provide the necessary data for moving the office: the overall dimensions of the equipment, its weight, the size of the corridors and stairs. No time to explain? Then place an urgent order through the website.