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Providing stress-free, reliable moving services at Canary Wharf 

Canary Wharf — financial and business center of London. Today, Canary Wharf is one of the most complex and thoughtful urban areas in the world in terms of design.

Canary Wharf is a place where, as in the City of London, the business and financial activity of the British capital is concentrated. The landscape in this area is based on majestic skyscrapers and glass office buildings. It is in Canary Wharf that the three tallest buildings in the country are located, second in size only to The Shard skyscraper – Citigroup Centre, One Canada Square and 8 Canada Square.


The Canary Wharf area is located on the Isle of Dogs — where the West India Docks used to be located. The name Canary Wharf, which literally translates as “Canary Wharf”, appeared thanks to one of the berths owned by Fruit Lines Ltd. This company was engaged in the transportation of fruits from the Mediterranean Sea — including the Canary Islands.

Quick Tip

In many countries every year people throw away old things. It is better to go to a new home with new hopes. It makes no sense to take everything especially that is old and useless to a new place. You can distribute to the needy or just throw away old furniture, clothes and other unnecessary things. You can also place an ad in advance in the “Gift” or “Sell” section.

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From door to door with a guarantee of goods safety

What do you associate moving with? With troubles or with joy? Most likely, with both, because before you can enjoy your new home and all the delights of life in it, you will need to pack all the things and move them.


If your goal is connected with the move, do not change your plans. Just entrust the hassle to us. With this approach, in the morning you will wake up carefree in your already beloved bed, and in the evening you will be able to relax in a new comfortable chair – no stress and hurry. You will simply enjoy the cleanliness and order in the new home – we will unpack things, put them in their places, put the equipment in its place.

How do you like this option of moving? Reach us and we will confirm that this is not a dream, but a reality for thousands of our customers.

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