What is the best way to move books?

Useful tips for moving books

How to move books so that they are not damaged on the way and retain their original appearance is a task for connoisseurs of printed publications. A large library will have to be carefully prepared for the move, sorted by size. It is better to place valuable copies separately. Make sure you get a removal vehicle in advance so that the cargo is not exposed to high and low temperatures outside.


Time to pack books before move

How to transport books when moving, if they are significantly damaged — repair them beforehand. Update the binding, fix the drop-down pages. The event will significantly increase the chance to keep your favorite things intact during the journey.

Before packing, take the time to sort the library:

  • For rate books — the high-quality dense boxes required for transporting books. After long storage, the paper becomes more vulnerable to moisture, the risk of deformation of the binding is high. Therefore, choose a container with good insulation against temperature and moisture surges.
  • Multi – volume collections — it s convenient to transport such books in one box.
  • Sorting by size is easy to pack, there is no risk of damaging the protruding edges.

If the library is large and there are many non-standard, expensive copies, it is more reliable to order professional removals company. They take responsibility for the safety of the cargo.

You can use the following in order to move the books:

  • pack in cardboard, plywood boxes;
  • in newspapers, wrapping paper;
  • use twine and/or ribbon;
  • packaging paper or bubble wrap.

Before packing, carefully remove dust so that small particles do not cause scratches when forming stacks. Tie the books sorted by size with tape or twine, wrap with film.

Fill the voids between the stacks with crumpled newspapers, paper or a soft cloth. Close the container/box, you can glue the top and bottom with tape so that it does not open under the weight. Do not overload — it will be difficult to carry.


Features of book transportation

You can move valuable cargo on any type of transport:

  • passenger car — salon, trunk;
  • cargo transport — in the back;
  • covered trailers.

You need to choose a car taking into account the number of instances. It is not necessary to build high stacks of boxes. They may fall when shaking, books will be damaged. It is not recommended to install heavy objects on top of the container, the binding may crack under pressure.

Books should be transported in dry, well-ventilated vehicles with a covered awning. Moisture, ultraviolet light, precipitation can destroy the library. It is unacceptable for boxes with books to stand on the ground for a long time, especially in the off-season, in winter. If necessary, place the container on the street, build a pallet of boards, thick cardboard in advance, cover all the stacks with thick plastic wrap.


To minimize shaking, the boxes in the back of a vehicle are placed near the wall adjacent to the driver’s cab. The driver must comply with the speed limit, avoid low-quality roads, where the level of shaking will be high.

If you don’t have time to organise the move of books — contact us who guarantees the safety of valuable copies on the way.

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