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Upminster is mentioned as Upminstre in 1062, the name comes from the word minster, which refers to a church served by several clerics rather than a monastery. Upminster translates as “church on a hill”. Planning to move in or out of Upminster?

Where to Start

First of all, decide on the date of the move and the schedule of its implementation. It is necessary to start preparing for relocation at least a month in advance. The best days to move a property in Umpinster is Sunday. That day, according to statistics, is fewer traffic jams on the roads. It is better to start moving on Sunday morning, in this case you will get to a new place faster.

Quick Tip

In many countries every year people throw away old things. It is better to go to a new home with new hopes. It makes no sense to take everything especially that is old and useless to a new place. You can distribute to the needy or just throw away old furniture, clothes and other unnecessary things. You can also place an ad in advance in the “Gift” or “Sell” section.

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Smooth and Simple Move

In order for the move to take place smoothly, it must be remembered that loading into the van/track begins with oversized items: cabinets, sofas, tables, beds, pianos and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the approaches to the furniture, and put all small things and boxes. Make a plan in advance for the installation of furniture and interior items in a new place, so that movers when moving furniture immediately put it in its place. Protect door jambs, corners, thresholds of old and new apartments with special soft corners. And lay a plastic wrap on the floors if necessary.

On the Day of the Move

On the day of moving or even in advance, try to “book” a place for a furniture van/truck at your entrance with your car or ask people you know to put their cars. Immediately provide the driver with a new address so that he can prepare and choose the best route for transportation. After carrying out all the work on the move, make a general cleaning or ask the transportation company to take out all the garbage that has formed.

Be sure to arrange a Housewarming party, this is a good tradition afterward. Call relatives, friends and new neighbors for celebration!

We wish you happiness and good luck in your new place!

Need help with all the above?

Our team professionals can help arrange you a move within a day. Find out more by contacting us today!

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