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TV transportation. What You Need to Know

Few people know how to transport a TV to prevent breakdowns, excessive shaking. When buying sensitive equipment, the packaging is carried out by the manufacturer, who guarantees that the packaging will protect the electronics. The task will become more complicated if you have to move, and the box from an expensive thing is lost. Risks can be minimized if you entrust this task to a removal company that will transport the TV by car in compliance with safety standards.


Basic rules for the transportation of a TV

When deciding how to transport a TV in a car, you will have to solve 3 tasks:

  • Ensuring operability after moving.
  • Preservation of the integrity of the case.
  • Preservation of technical characteristics.

Relocation is divided into stages, it is important to observe its sequence.

How to pack

On the day of the move, the equipment must be disconnected from the power supply in advance for about 1 or 2 hours, so that the case cools down. This is important in winter, otherwise the temperature jump in the car body cannot be avoided.


  • The cord should be attached to the body with tape.
  • The screen should be insulated with a soft cloth and/or bubble wrap to protect it from scratches. To prevent bumps, chipping corners, foam sheets are used, which are wrapped around the surface.
  • Placing in a container — it is difficult to transport a TV without a manufacturer’s box, you will need a product that corresponds to the dimensions of the equipment. Cardboard boxes will do, the walls of it need to be lined with foam.

The box is sealed with tape, attention should be paid to the bottom and corners.

Loading and transportation

  • It is better to entrust loading and unloading to professionals — with an impressive weight, dimensions, elevators are used for lifting (loading devices).
  • Fastening in the car — the equipment should be installed vertically, the screen turned to the side, tightened with straps to ensure immobility. Note that the removal cars are equipped with a complex system for fixing fragile goods, this is a guarantee of safety on the way.
  • Placement. Whether it is possible to transport the TV lying down without damaging the screen is a moot point. The equipment should be delivered in a standing position, exclusively along the body in the direction of movement of the van.
  • Transportation — compliance with the speed limit, absence of sudden braking, acceleration, smooth cornering. should be considered.

After delivery, you should not immediately connect the device to the power supply, the case and electronics should warm up or cool down to room temperature, it may take a couple of hours, in winter up to 5.


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